Hiring The Right People: The Process And The Impact

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Hello, it’s Garrett Delph here. Today, we’re diving into a topic that I believe should be at the forefront of every business leader’s mind: hiring the right people. I’ve always held the belief that great people are the lifeblood of a company. They’re not just employees; they’re the driving force behind growth, innovation, and success. Understand the value of working with the right people, those who not only fit your definition of greatness but also embody dependability. As we explore the details of this topic, remember that hiring is not just about filling positions. It’s about investing in people who will elevate your business to new heights. So, shall we begin?

The Value Of Great People

You might be wondering what makes the “right” people so good for your business. Allow me to elaborate: Great people are the most valuable asset a company has the privilege of working with, growing with, and existing. The significance of having the right team can’t be underestimated. A prime example is Danny Meyer, renowned entrepreneur and author of “Setting the Table.” Danny is an infamous entrepreneur in the hospitality space. He founded a bunch of really great restaurants, from fast food to fine dining. One of the iconic fast food places is called Shake Shack. He firmly believes in treating his people first, thereby resulting in excellent service for his customers. 

Defining Greatness & Hiring For It

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Here’s a takeaway from my collection of thoughts: Finding great people doesn’t happen by accident in most cases. So, to get greatness, you need to define it first. Hiring the right people starts with defining what greatness is in your context. The leaders and stakeholders in your company should have a crystal-clear understanding of what great is, what great looks like, how greatness behaves, and what greatness outputs. “Great” should be an avatar that lives in your business core value playbook.

A perfect example is how the founders of Airbnb embarked on a 15-month journey, interviewing hundreds of people to find their ideal Chief Marketing Officer. They knew they shouldn’t settle for anything less than greatness. And they knew exactly what that greatness looked like on paper and in person.

Now, not all businesses have that kind of runway and have that kind of time to wait for the perfect person. But it’s a good call because they understood the importance of working with the right people and the value of working with greatness. 

Just give it a thought! Isn’t it great to be razor sharp, clear on who owns a process, and just as essential to be razor sharp, clear that you can trust the process to a great person who is dependable and faithful? 

Assessing Skill Sets & Capabilities

infographic quote on hiring the right people by Garrett Delph founder and CEO of Clarity Ops

Yes, being great is about personality and attitude. AND, being great at your craft or skill set MUST also part of being great. When you’re looking for the right fit, assessing their professional capabilities is vital. By clearly defining the skill sets required for each role, you can identify the best candidates. This evaluation will help ensure that the people you bring on board can deliver effectively. It’s one thing for someone to claim they’re really skilled at something. But it’s a completely different story, just blindly trusting them and hiring them on the spot. That is a recipe for failure.

Let me share a quick story from about 20 years ago when I was starting my first internship program. To be honest, it was a horrible beginner’s mistake. We had this first batch of interns come in – we hired three of them. At that time, we were just setting things up and getting started.

So, we posed this question to all the candidates: “On a scale of 1 to 10, with one being you can barely open Photoshop and ten meaning you could teach it at a college level, how would you rate yourself?” Everyone confidently responded with a seven or eight. I was beyond excited about the potential of the program and the interns we were bringing on board.

We went ahead and hired the top three interns. But guess what? None of them were even close to a three or four when it came to their Photoshop skills. That was a real eye-opener! It taught me an important lesson – always verify what you expect.

So, when it comes to identifying and defining excellence, make sure to test for it. Don’t just take people at their word. Make sure the people you’re going to invest in are truly as capable as they say they are, especially when it comes to their professional skills. It’s an important step in learning how to hire the right person.

The Benefits Of Working With Great People

infographic quote on hiring the right people by Garrett Delph founder and CEO of Clarity Ops

So, what happens when you have all these great people under one roof? When great people work together, life is better. The benefits of working with the right people are plenty. 

1. Increased Productivity: Great colleagues often boost the team’s overall output thanks to their motivation and work ethic. It results in an empathetic, supportive, and high-achieving work environment. 

2. Enhanced Learning Opportunities: Working alongside talented individuals is a chance for you to improve your skills and broaden your knowledge.

3. Innovation and Creativity: Great people frequently introduce new ideas and perspectives, nurturing a culture of innovation and creativity.

4. Positive Work Environment: Talented and positive individuals contribute to a healthier, more enjoyable workplace atmosphere.

5. Reliability: Great colleagues are dependable, consistently delivering high-quality work and meeting deadlines.

6. Personal Growth: The challenge and inspiration of working with high-performing people can spur your personal and professional development.

In conclusion, the cornerstone of building a successful business lies in hiring the right people. Prioritizing, defining, and testing for greatness during the recruitment process isn’t just a strategy but a necessity. This approach will not only foster a productive work environment but also enhance your overall success and employee satisfaction. Embrace this principle of excellence in hiring the right people and witness firsthand the results yourself!

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